USB Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes

Handmade wooden boxes are made by marine plywood for your ultimate digital presentation and unique quality and detail. All wooden boxes containing a magnet closing mechanism. You can personalise the boxes by choosing hot foil stamping with no extra cost. Greek or Latin fonts are standard Optima Medium Capital Letters 30pt (about 0.8cm height). We have a range of 8 different foil colours (black, white, gold, silver, red, green, purple and clear). Also you can create your own studio custom die made by brass with an once-off charge.

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Round box can fit USB up to 6cm (2.4″) and height up to 2cm (0.79″). USB stick is not included. Wooden Boxes with prints and USB are an ideal presentation and storage of your work. They can fit approximately up to 60 prints with size 10cmX15cm (4″X6″) for square box or 13cmX18cm (5″X7″) for parallelogram box. Another ideal presentation of your work is to add mats. These boxes can hold up to 6 mats. We can offer you museum mat board in white colour or black with white coreboard.


Click on the images below to make them bigger and see the wooden boxes in detail.