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Handmade Print Boxes are a beautiful way to present your images to your client and a great keepsake for them and their family. They are made with a precise to fit exact to your prints and they can hold up to 300 prints or 30 mats. Prints can be lifted easily. Matboards are sold seperately, we offer the service to print and assemble them for you. You can select any fabric or decorative paper from our collection. Use your imagination and ask us if we can create your customised box.

Prints sizes that fit to our boxes: 10cmx15cm, 13cmx18cm, 15cmx21cm, 20cm25cm and 20cmx30cm
Cover available: Image cut out, image wrap, hot foil stamping
Matboards available: White or black with white frame detail
Matboard sizes: 13cmx18cm, 15cmx21cm, 20cmx25cm and 20cmx30cm

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Click on the images below to make them bigger and see the handmade print & mat boxes in detail.