Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Bokeh is a photographic term. It refers to the blur, or aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. So, take albums, which are essentially books, mix the two ‘b’ words together and you get Bookeh. Simple. We apoligize if you were expecting something more cryptic or intellectual 🙂

Athens, Greece. More info about us here

Yes, anywhere on the planet… well, anywhere that our shipping handlers ship which is basically anywhere on the planet. Mountain top cabins, any type of residence under the sea as well as war zones may be a little problematic to reach. And yes, please, no PO boxes.
Yes, but not directly from us. We sell only to professional photographers. If you would like to have an album designed with your special day pictures, please ask your photographer to contact us.


First of all, you have to register with us. You can do it by clicking here. You will be directed to a page where you will fill in your business details, email addresses, shipping & billing info as well as tax info (but that you can do later). Once you submit the registration form, please give us up to one business day to review your information and activate your account. Once your account has been activated, you will receive an email notifying you as such. Once registrated, you can login with your email and password you have set and go to the Order page where you will see all our available albums, boxes & cases and relevant options with prices.
Login to your account and go to the orders page. Choose the album or accessories you want to order and set up the options you want. Once done, just place the item in your cart and proceed to checkout. At checkout you can review your order, set payment options. When you finalize your order, you will be directed to our uploader so you can upload your design files to our server (you will also be given a link to our uploader in the order confirmation email).
Don’t worry, we’ll get in touch with you if that happens. If you are in the EU and VAT registered, we’ll ask you to submit your VAT info after your order if you haven’t done so at the registration phase. If you are not VAT registered or are not based in the EU, you don’t have to do submit and tax information.
Yes you can change your profile details. Please review all your account details to ensure it is correct and complete and be sure that you have select “Save” in order to be updated any of your changes.


A spread is what you see when you open an album. Two pages, side by side. A page is a half spread or one side of a book.
Our albums start at 10 spreads (20 pages) and the maximum is 35 spreads (70 pages) per album.
Each album page is about 1mm thick. The printed spreads are creased in the center and adhered to an acid free paper substrate, then to another spread and so on. This gives a flexible but tear-resistant page.
Yes. Your first order qualifies for a 30% studio sample discount. No “sample” imprinting or any logos, you can use it as a sample or sell it to a client. The choice is yours.
Yes. We have a sample pack that can be ordered through the store. It includes a swatch box with all available fabrics and decorative papers and you get the option of sending us two 20cmX20cm (8″X8″) spreads that we will print on our paper and bind them for you to see how your images look on our paper.
Any application that produces *.jpeg files to our sizing requirements. Adobe Photoshop and InDesign are excellent tools. Alternatively you can design Bookeh Books with a drag & drop software.
Please send your design files in the sRGB profile, at 240dpi or greater. To check colour accuracy, you can order test prints.
The products are guaranteed for life and all albums are accompanied by a TLC guide that gives to your clients all the necessary instructions of how to care and storage their albums. All products are made by hand and although sometimes we do make mistakes, we stand behind our products. If you have ever any issue please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Hot foil stamping is typically the process that use heat to transfer metallic foil to the cover. We offer one standard font, Optima Medium Capital letter (Latin or Greek letters). The size of the characters is 30pt (about 0.8cm height and the width depends on the letter e.g. “M” is about 0.9cm). You have up to two lines of text to play with and there is a physical limit to the number of characters depending on the size of the album. There are 8 different colours to select. Some colours do not work well on certain fabrics. When you make an order and we see that the colour does not match well, we will let you know.
We can create your own custom die made by brass with an once-off charge just for creating your brass stamp. We can sent it with your order or we can keep it in our files for your future products to stamp. The maximum height size of your logo can be 5cm. Keep in mind the dimensions of the products. We will need a *.tiff high resolution version of your logo black and white image. The black is being the part stamping into the cover. The tiff file needs to be in RGB and resolution 1200dpi.
The 3/4 image wrap is the cover satin finished laminated image that is wrapped around the top, bottom and right sides of the cover. This image is placed next to the fabric. During the selection of your cover design keep in mind that there will be an approximate loss of 2.5cm from you top, bottom and right sides from your image in order to wrap it.
Image cut out is the cover frame that fits a laminated image and the bookcloth is wrapped inside the frame. It can be square or rectangular as standard. But you can use your imagination an ask us to customise your cut out. For instance we can create round window or two/three windows. Keep in mind that approximately 5mm from each side will be hidden under the frame.


Wooden boxes are made by marine plywood that means they are durable to high humidity. You can personalise them by choosing hot foil stamping. USB stick is not included. You have to keep in mind the size of the boxes before you select your USB stick (e.g. round box can fit up to 6cm and height up to 2cm).
Yes you can have any personalisation to any of Bookeh boxes except from the slip case. Also, you can choose to have hot foil stamping to your standard black box that comes with your album.
Standard black box that comes with your album does not have any extra cost. If you want to upgrade to presentation box or sheath box or slip case, then it is an extra cost. These boxes are sold separately.
Print boxes are made to fit the standard sizes of prints. Make sure that your lab cooperator does not give an extra size to your print because it may cause fit problems. The standard box is constructed to hold from 100 prints up to 300 prints or 10 to 30 mats. We can offer matboards (white or black whit white coreboard) and are sold separately. You can choose the service to print and mount the mats for you.

Shipping/Handling/Payment Policy

First of all, we need to check and approve your order. Since your order has been approved, we need maximum 3 weeks to handcraft and ship your order.
Your order can be shipped via Greek Post or Speedex or Skynet. Shipping cost is calculated automatically and depends on the size, weight and your location. Shipping time is estimated at 3-7 business days, depending on your location from Athens. If you live in Athens you have the option to come from our offices and pick up your order.
No. We do not have handling fee.
There are two different ways to pay. You can use Paypal or Bank Transfer.
If your base is in EU and you are not VAT registered, we add 24% VAT. Otherwise, if you not based in European Union or your are VAT registered, we do not add VAT. We are not responsible for any import duties or taxes that you may have from your custom office.