dvd 15x20 opened dvd case

DVD Cases

DVD cases are handmade and have an elegant design to present your digital work. Each DVD case is made to fit two DVD's or a single and a mat image.

Available in all fabrics and decorative papers for the inner side of your case. We offer the option to brand your box with your studio logo by hot foil stamping or/and stamp with the standard fonts we provide you to write anything you want.

You may choose to include a photo cover to your DVD case. You can include an image cut out placed in a cameo frame or a 3/4 image wrapper around the top, bottom and left sides of the cover.

Also you can choose to storage and match you DVD case with a slip case . The slip case is handcrafted with the same fabric as your case and the inner side of the slip case is decorated with paper you will choose to decorate you DVD case.

You can make your DVD case like a small wallet by including a magnetic flap.

You can select from two DVD cases presentation size:
  • 15cmX20cm (6"X8")
  • 15cmX15cm (6"X6")

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