Cover Personalisation


Cover Personalisation make your album or box unique. You can personalise your album covers, boxes, DVD Cases & USB boxes easily and quickly. Aside from premium decorative papers and beautiful fabrics, you can mix and match the below options.

Image Cut Out
Image cut out is an image placed in a cameo frame in the optical centre of your album cover or box. The image is free laminated and the bookcloth is wrapped inside the frame for a perfect elegant result.
The 3/4 image wrap is the cover satin finished laminated image that is wrapped around the top, bottom and right sides of the album cover or box. It offers extreme durability and it can be included as a standard order.
Image Wrap
Hot Foil Stamping
Another choice for our products is the hot foil stamping. When you order a product stamped text can be included. We offer a standard Latin or Greek fonts Optima Medium Capital Letters 30pt (about 0.8cm height). Depending on the material you can add colour of our foil stamping options. We have a great range of 8 different foil colours (black, white, gold, silver, red, green, purple and clear).
We can create your studio logo die or your bespoke client logo to personalise your album cover or box and create a compete branding. It is an once off cost just for creating your brass stamp. We can sent it with your order or we can keep it in our files for your future products to stamp.
USB Wooden Box Studio Logo
Album Customization
Use your imagination and contact us to see if we can create something unique for you!
Let us know if you want hot foil stamping on your standard box that comes with your album. You can order studio logo die and stamp it on your standard box.
Standard Album Box

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