Handmade Flush Mount Albums

Standard Flush Mount Album

Standard Flush Mount Album

The Standard handmade flush mount albums can open flat and spreads are adhered with a paper substrate. Printed with inkjet on matte paper. Choose between a great range of coloured fabrics and endsheets.

Slim Flush Mount Album

Slim Flush Mount Album

The Slim Flush Mount Albums are the back to back albums. Back to back means that the spreads are bonded to each other without any paper substrate. The thickness of spreads gives the opportunity to create more spreads (up to 50).

Premium Flush Mount Album

Premium Flush Mount Album

The Premium Flush Mount Album are made in the same way as Standard Albums, but different for the unique silk or linen fabrics, as well as for their handmade decorative papers. In addition, Premium Albums are always accompanied by their Standard black Bookeh Books Box.

Flush Mount Albums Details

Album Full Bleed Spread

Paper & Printing

Individually hand crafted fine art albums printed using Canon archival pigments inks, guaranteed to last a life time. The paper we use has a bright white matte surface, very smooth to the touch. The paper and printing technology used produces vibrant colours and true black and white prints.

Black Foil Stamping

Book Cover

We have several options to choose for your cover personalisation.

  • Image cut out: The cover image will be placed in a cameo frame in the cover.
  • 3/4 image wrap: The cover image will be wrapped around the top, bottom and left sides of the cover.
  • Hot Foil Stamping: Your have a standard font choice for text, Optima Medium capital letters, size 30pt (approx. 0.8cm height). This is a free of charge option. Also, we can create your studio logo die or your bespoke client logo to personalize your album. It is an once off cost just for creating your brass stamp. You have a choice of 7 different foil colours.
  • Use your imagination and feel free to ask if we can create your customise cover.
    Album Details

    Binding & Spreads

    Flush mount binding, allowing the albums to open flat, 180 Degrees. Design anywhere on the spread. No colour tint or fading on the crease.

    • Standard & Premium Flush Mount Album

      You can design your album from a minimum of 10 spreads (20 pages) to a maximum of 35 spreads (70 pages). Spreads are adhered to each other with a paper substrate. The total width of each spread is 1mm, allowing for a flexible but tear-resistant page

    • Slim Flush Mount Album

      You can design your album from 10 spreads (20 pages) to 50 spreads (100 pages). Spreads are adhered to each other back to back without any paper substrate. The total width of each spread is 0.5mm, allowing for a flexible and lighter book.

    Books Sizes


    Our albums are available in the following sizes:

    • 30cmX30cm (12″X12″)
    • 25cmX25cm (10″X10″)
    • 20cmX20cm (8″X8″)
    • 15cmX15cm (6″X6″)
    • 10cmX10cm (4″X4″)
    Decorative Paper

    Fabrics & Decorative Papers

    • Standard & Slim Flush Mount Album

      Choose between 3 neutrals cotton fabrics and 14 colοured fabrics combined with 5 different monochrome machine linen embossed papers that meet the standard of scuff resistance.

    • Premium Flush Mount Album

      Choose between 4 amazing colours of neutrals Linen and 10 Silk Japanese elegant fabrics. Combine with a selection of 12 decorative papers for the endsheets of your book. We have selected a collection of 12 decorative papers from suppliers around the world. You can choose among marbled, flocked or handmade endpapers for a unique finishing detail. Each fabric has a choice of a standard black or white linen embossed endsheet or a matching premium endsheet to make your fine art album stand out.
      See more here.

    Standard Box

    Album Presentation

    You can combine and protect your albums by selecting a Bookeh box.
    As standard, all Premium Albums arrive in a handcrafted standard box and presented with a white cotton wrap. Of course you can upgrade with our beautiful ranges of available album presentation boxes.
    All albums are accompanied by a TLC (Tender, Love & Care) guide that gives to your clients all the necessary instruction of how to care and storage their albums with tender and love!

    Album Blue Grey


    If you are a professional photographer visit our online store and you will have access to our price list

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