Who is BookehBooks?


Founded in 2011, Petros Sordinas & Emilia Ntentidaki. Couple in life and partners in business. Petros is a professional wedding photographer and Aimilia is a marketing specialist. We stand behind the products we create.


We are based in Athens, Greece.
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We produce hand crafted fine art albums, boxes, matching cd/dvd cases and USB Cases for professional photographers around the world. We believe materials matter and design. That’s why we work with premium materials.


As a wedding photographer, I have always wanted to present my work differently from the mainstream market. Flush mount albums available domestically and abroad all looked alike. To complete the package I delivered to my customers, I needed print & album boxes and cd/dvd cases that would be «part of the package». While I could find everything I needed, I couldn’t find it from the same supplier, which meant that both costs would be higher and the deliverables would not match each other. So, I started making my own albums and boxes. This led to the making of Bookehbooks. We are offering you the same standard of quality and aesthetics to you.

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